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  • Made of laminated polyethylene
  • P.E. rope heated sealed in border
  • Rust resistant grommets approximately every 18 inches
  • Triple reinforced corners and double lock seams
  • Waterproof, tear proof, and mildew proof
  • Ideal for transportation, industrial, agricultural, marine, construction, ground cover,
    and utility usage

Color: Silver (Heavy Duty)

Item#Cut SizeFinished SizePkg/Ctn
S 101010’x10′9’8″x9’8″8
S 101210’x12′9’8″x11’4″8
S 101610’x16′9’8″x15’6″6
S 102010’x20′9’8″x19’6″5
S 122012’x20′11’6″x19’6″4
S 162016’x20′15’4″x19’6″3
S 202020’x20′19’6″x19’6″2
S 203020’x30′19’6″x29’6″1
S 204020’x40′19’6″x39’6″1
S 404040’x40′39’6″x39’6″1

Color: Blue

Item#Cut SizeFinished SizePkg/Ctn
T 05075’x7′4’8″x6’8″25
T 06086’x8′5’6″x7’6″20
T 08108’x10′7’4″x9’6″15
T 09129’x12′8’6″x11’4″10
T 101210’x12′9’6″x11’4″10
T 121212’x12′11’4″x11’4″8
T 121412’x14′11’4″x13’6″8
T 102010’x20′9’6″x19’6″8
T 121612’x16′11’4″x15’6″8
T 122012’x20′11’4″x19’6″8
T 162016’x20′15’4″x19’6″4
T 182418’x24′17’4″x23’6″4
T 203020’x30′19’2″x29’6″2
T 204020’x40′19’2″x39’6″2

Functional Application

  • Carport
  • Camping
  • Appliance Protection